Electric Scheme Watermaker Blue Gold PRO 230 Volt

Started by High Pressure Master, October 16, 2022, 02:21:23 PM

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High Pressure Master

Electric Scheme Watermaker Blue Gold PRO 230 Volt Rev.02 (16.11.2022)

Electric Diagram Watermaker Just Water PRO 230 Volt - Rev02.jpg

The switches are 5 Amperes SENSATA AIRPAX toggle handle hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker with rechargeable automatic fuse.

Designed on purpose for the marine environment. In case of heavy overload (i.e.: short circuits), the circuit breaker disconnects instantaneously; for overloads up to 50% it maintains the contact for few seconds so, in case it is due to a chance event, it has time to return within the limits without interrupting the power supply. In case of short circuit, the switch cannot be reactivated until the problem is solved.



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