The Safety Valve

Started by High Pressure Master, November 29, 2022, 02:59:31 PM

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High Pressure Master

In the watermakers series PRO (with control panel) the safety valve is shipped disassembled. It can be mounted for either left or right-handed use.

Use only Teflon tape or liquid sealant for mounting.
Between the nipple (5) and the reduction 3/8-1/4 (3), do not use sealants but only the copper washer.
Also for the swiveling quick fitting (6) do not use any sealants because it is already provided with an O-ring

Blue Gold Watermakers - Safety Valve Assembly - 1.jpg

B - Connection to the outlet of the last vessel
C - Connection to the high pressure hose to the panel
M - Brine/Discard outboard

1 - Body of the safety valve
2 - Swiveling fitting 1/4"F BSPP x 1/4"M BSPT
3 - Reducing nipple 3/8"-1/4"
4 - Copper washer
5 - Nipple 1/4" M-M BSPP
6 - Swiveling quick fitting 1/4" x 12 mm

Blue Gold Watermakers - Safety Valve Assembly - 2.jpg
Blue Gold Watermakers - Safety Valve Assembly - 4.jpg

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