The "Easy Flushing System" after 2023

Started by High Pressure Master, December 01, 2022, 09:18:56 AM

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High Pressure Master

The "Easy Flushing System" is a simple device for flushing the desalination plant, using a normal switch on the machine panel.

The device consists of two check valves and a solenoid valve, and is placed before the pre-filter assembly.
Here you can download the quick reference guide to see the positioning of the device in the installation of the watermaker.

Easy Flushing System Blue Gold Watermakers 2.jpg

Components of the device:

E - Outlet to the prefilter unit (20 mm.)
H - Inlet from the carbon filter (13 mm.)
D - Inlet of the seawater (20 mm.)
1 - Hose adapter 1/2"x 20 mm
2 - TEE Fitting 1/2"
3 - Elbow M/F 1/2"
4 - Nipples M/M 1/2"
5 - Check Valve 1/2" (Nylon & AISI 316L)
6 - Solenoid Valve 12V or 24V (freshwater for flushing)
7 - Nipples F/F 1/2"
8 - Hose adapter 1/2"x 13 mm

Easy Flushing System Blue Gold Watermakers 1.jpg

Description of Functioning:

During normal operation of the watermaker, the salt water, carried by the feed pump, flows from D to E passing through the check valve 5.
The check valve 5 prevents back pressure from opening the solenoid valve 6.
The solenoid valve 6 is not engaged and remains closed: the fresh water for flushing will not flow through.

It is very important to use a check valve 5 of good quality and suitable for use with salt water. Our valves are made of nylon and fibreglass with spring and closing plate in AISI 316L stainless steel.
Do not use normal brass valves in this position, as the internal mechanism is not stainless steel and you will run into problems. These valves are not suitable for use with salt water. The same applies to valve 8.
We use a valve that opens very easily, as smaller feed pumps (12-volt models) must be able to make the water flow smoothly. It is a valve with a simple rubber flap.

During the system flushing, the solenoid valve 6 is engaged and opens. The pressure pump of the boat starts and the fresh water flows from H to E through the check valve 5. During this operation the check valve 5 prevents the fresh water from flowing back to the feed pump and mixing with the salt water here.

The system, with a focus on limiting manpower costs, is supplied as an assembly kit.
Assembling this device is elementary. Simply use Teflon tape to seal the threads, or better use Loctite 55, and match the flow direction with the flow direction indicated on both the solenoid valve and the check valves.

As can be seen, there is no timer to preset the flushing time of the system, which is always different depending on the number of membranes and the length of the hoses. In the following topic we explain how to simply calculate the flushing time of your system.

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